• Solar Knights
    Solar Knights Hockey Team | Burnaby, BC
  • United Way Fundraiser
    United Way Fundraiser | Edmonton, AB
  • Mountain Grind 2016
    ISL BC at the Mountain Grind | BC
  • Engineering Day of Caring
    Engineering Day of Caring | Edmonton, AB
  • River Valley Clean-up Edmonton
    River Valley Clean-up | Edmonton, AB
  • Squamish-Cleanup c
    Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up | Squamish, BC
  • Red-Deer-cleanup c
    Red Deer River Clean-up | Red Deer, AB
  • Sask-cleanup c
    Saskatoon Clean-up | Saskatoon, SK
  • Langley-Tree-Plant c
    Tree Planting Program | Langley, BC
  • Grande-Prairie-Greenathon c
    Rotary Green-a-thon | Grande Prairie, AB
  • Calgary-cleanup c
    River and Pathways Clean-up | Calgary, AB
  • Edmonton-Row-for-Kids c
    Stollery Hospital Row for Kids | Edmonton, AB
  • ISLGarden2012 6 c
    Community Garden | Edmonton, AB
our sustainability journey

Our journey towards sustainability began from a sense of responsibility — as a company, as individuals and as professionals — to limit our impact on the planet and the communities we work in.

We believe in the sustainability framework and definition described by The Natural Step and our four sustainability principles are adapted from the natural system conditions they describe. We understand that sustainability is not achieved quickly and then completed, but it is a journey we are committed to take and share with our staff, clients and suppliers. ISL's journey is guided by our 2020 strategic sustainability goals and four sustainability principles.

We are dedicated to defining and sharing sustainability "best practices" with our clients. We believe sustainability does not come at the expense of budget, time or resources on any project but should be considered a lens through which we look at all phases of any project or process. We evaluate our progress against our core themes and key performance indicators, helping us deliver sustainable and triple bottom line solutions in each of our service lines and across office operations.

ISL continues to challenge the status quo and redefine the planning and design process, always analyzing current and planned activities through our sustainability principles and framework. We are constantly reevaluating what defines project success and how to better reach that goal in terms of sustainable thinking.

ISL's engineers, landscape architects, planners, technologists, public consultation and management staff are all committed to growing their expertise to help clients understand and consider sustainable options at every stage of the project process.