Driftpile Water Treatment Plant

Driftpile, AB

Located on the Driftpile First Nation, this project presented a number of challenges that were addressed by the expertise and dedication of the client and entire design team.

Water Quality Guidelines

At the time, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada did not have any standards or guidelines for First Nation water treatment facilities, but they mandated that the Health Canada's Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality be met. The Driftpile First Nation did not want to upgrade this new facility in a few years in case the regulations changed, so a facility was designed that met and exceeded all the current standards and regulations.

Raw Water Source

The quality of the raw source water for the community also presented a challenge as the background levels of certain key parameters, such as Total Organic Carbon, were at levels that were beyond what could be effectively treated by conventional treatment processes. This necessitated the need for innovative and sometimes complex solutions, but the solution had to be such that the overall operation and maintenance of the facility remained simple and trouble-free.

Collaborative Success

This project was a success due to the collaborative and professional efforts of the client's management team, the design team, the contracting group and various federal and provincial stakeholder groups.


Completed in 2006, this project has won three Consulting Engineers of Alberta awards: an Award of Excellence for Project Management, an Award of Merit for Sustainable Design and an Award of Merit of Water Resources and Energy Production.

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