Thorsby Water Treatment Plant and 3DOM-IS

Thorsby, AB

The Village of Thorsby's existing water treatment plant was constructed in 1976 and upgraded in 1995. The Village has experienced unprecedented growth and economic development and enlisted ISL to conduct an assessment study.

Assessment Results

ISL recommended constructing a new water treatment plant that utilizes membrane treatment technology in a new location away from the floodplain. The assessment report was also used to secure project funding.

New Plant Features

The new plant uses a ZeeWeed 1000 ultrafiltration membrane system and has a 2300 m3 storage reservoir. The building is built from long strand lumber (LSL) wood that was treated and protected for the wet environment. The building envelope is thermally efficient and the ventilation system uses a SolarWall to preheat incoming air during the winter months to reduce natural gas use. The facility was commissioned in late-2011.


For this plant, ISL created the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as developed custom 3D Operations and Maintenance Information System (3DOM-IS) software. The 3DOM-IS is a working, interactive 3D model of the entire treatment plant and its internal components, allowing the operator to navigate the plant visually and call up a specific function or process.


The 3DOM-IS database is populated with everything needed for repair and maintenance, such as SOPs, record drawings, catalogue cuts, maintenance information, training videos, SCADA screens and annotated plant photos.

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