ISL's Heavy Timber Specialist Shares his Expertise

The Timber Connection Design Workshop, presented by Alberta Wood WORKS, takes a hands-on approach for structural engineers interested in Timber Connections. This two day event will explore CSA 086 Wood Design Standard connections, tight fit pins, bertsche and other European style connections. ISL's Robin Zirnhelt, P.Eng., joined Professor Ghasan Doudak and Jasmine Wang to lead the workshop.

Zirnhelt is the Lead for Heavy Timber Engineering at ISL Engineering and Land Services. He is a specialist in timber frame engineering and the design of heavy timber structures. His experience ranges from hands-on sawmilling and timber joinery to three-dimensional modelling and connection detailing for both traditional and highly-engineered wooden and composite structures. Robin has also engineered a number of significant timber heritage projects in Western Canada, including the rehabilitation of the Kinsol Trestle as one of the largest timber structures on the continent. Before joining ISL in 2012, he was a partner at Cascade Engineering Group for seven years, during which time he designed or assisted in the design of hundreds of heavy timber structures of varying sizes. His roles have included engineer of record, supporting engineer or specialty engineer working for the supplier for design verification and design-build solutions.

For more information, visit the Alberta Wood WORKS! website.

October 24, 2012

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