As a company, we seek to embody the values we believe in because we know that our commitment to sustainability is only as good as what we do. We have incorporated sustainability into our internal operations in many ways:

  We are the first corporate office in Edmonton to start diverting organic waste to Edmonton's compost facility
  We have implemented a recycling program at work
  Our recycling and compost initiative has resulted in 80% waste diversion
  We have retrofitted HVAC systems in the Edmonton office
  We use only paper products that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved
  We reduce paper use by defaulting to double-sided printing
  We have implemented energy efficient lighting in our offices
  We encourage our employees to walk, cycle or take public transportation to work by providing change rooms and showers
  We have a car share program — including an ISL Smart Car — so our employees can attend meetings outside the office using efficient transportation
  We are pleased to take part in community events, such as the River Valley Clean-Up in Edmonton, on an annual basis
  We use green cleaning products
  We have a policy to purchase only recycled or recyclable furniture and building materials
  We are strong supporters of the United Way campaign.

We will continue to evaluate and enhance our commitment to sustainable practice by considering internal operations through the lens of the four sustainability principles and related performance indicators.