White Industrial

Edmonton, AB

ISL was engaged to facilitate the development of 25.6 hectares of industrial land in northwest Edmonton to help accomplish re-zoning and subdivision for consolidation of a former wetland with an existing industrial site, provide stormwater management to redirect runoff, create a new wetland and facilitate a land exchange between the client and Alberta Sustainable Resources Development (ASRD).

Existing Wetlands

A large former wetland on the client’s land had been drained several years earlier for construction of Anthony Henday Drive. While not a functioning wetland for several years, ASRD had claimed the bed and shores under the Public Lands Act.

New Wetlands

Stormwater runoff from the White Industrial North Area was redirected from the Quesnell Storm Trunk drainage basin to the Kirk Lake/Big Lake drainage basin and a new wetland was created to replace the dried up Dead Horse Lake wetland. As a result, ASRD released claims on the dried up wetland, allowing the client to develop the land for industrial purposes.


The approved design met the developer’s on-site stormwater management obligations (and those of the City of Edmonton) while providing valuable wetland habitat for the Government of Alberta. The wetland and stormwater management facilities are now constructed and development is proceeding.

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