With sustainability always at the forefront, ISL's Land Use Planning team provides complete land use planning services and addresses the challenges that come with change in urban, rural and regional landscapes. As your municipality grows and land is at a premium, ISL’s planners can offer their extensive experience in preparing essential planning tools such as Land Use Bylaws (LUBs) and the full range of statutory plans from Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) to Area Structure Plans (ASPs). Our specialty is in regional planning, growth strategies and annexation studies that are integrated with GIS analysis and public engagement. This integration builds a foundation of technical and planning rationale that, when backed by an engaged public, can more effectively help your municipality contend with land use concerns and plan for future expansion.

Click below to see the extent of our growth analysis/management, municipal development plans and land use bylaw work at a glance:

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The video below was created for the Battery Creek Area Structure Plan in the Town of Devon. Our team is also working on the Town's Integrated Sustainability Plan and Municipal Development Plan.