County of Northern Lights Advisory Services

County of Northern Lights, AB

The County’s land use planning efforts, led by ISL, are divided into long range comprehensive planning projects and short term current planning activities. Supported by County Administration, ISL also responds to general inquiries related to the preparation of these types of documents.

Project Services

One of the larger projects undertaken by ISL include preparing the County’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and handling subsequent amendments, including reviewing the Weberville/Warrensville Area Structure Plan and incorporating important policy content into the MDP when that Plan was repealed. ISL has also conducted an extensive review of the County’s Land Use Bylaw as well as prepared a new Area Structure Plan for the Hamlet of Dixonville.

Planning Services

In terms of current planning, ISL has processed amendments to statutory plans and municipal boundaries, subdivisions, rezonings, consolidations, road closures and Development Permit applications on an on-going basis since 2002.

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