Port Alberta Industrial Park Inventory

Edmonton, AB

Port Alberta is an industry-led economic development association based in Alberta’s Capital Region aimed at providing transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions to connect Alberta’s economy to worldwide markets.

Project Scope

ISL was approached to prepare an inventory of industrial parks within the region and to profile businesses in these parks participating in manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and logistics.

Industrial Brochure

In 10 weeks, a 48-page marketing brochure was produced featuring profiles of Port Alberta and the Capital Region, an overview of major industries and industrial projects, the locations of dozens of industrial parks within seven large geographic sectors in the Capital Region and profiles of 240 businesses in these parks. Colourful maps, photographs and striking graphics supplemented the brochure.


The brochure was provided in both English and Chinese, and Port Alberta distributed the brochures to delegates in China in November 2011.

Business Promotion

The brochure has been used to elevate Port Alberta’s profile among municipal and industrial business leaders and industrial parks and business and economic development associations within the Capital Region.

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