Spruce Grove Land Use Bylaw Review

Spruce Grove, AB

To reflect the goals of a new Municipal Development Plan (adopted in 2010) and updated Transportation Master Plan, the City of Spruce Grove engaged ISL to review their Land Use Bylaw (LUB).

Transit Promotion

Our team created a flexible and enforceable LUB that is integrated with transportation goals for promoting local transit by increasing residential densities along collector roads as well as creating opportunities to increase residential densities in established and new neighbourhoods through strategic rezoning.

Removing Clutter

Sign regulations were revised to eliminate visual clutter along main routes and to aid bylaw officers by clarifying enforcement procedures.

Defining Downtown

To help maintain and foster a city centre core that has a unique identity, the revised LUB eliminated the "commercial transition" district that was diluting commercial development in the core and promoted development forms that appeal to pedestrians through building design and land use types.


The Land Use Bylaw was approved by Council in November 2012.

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