Grizzly Paw Brewery and Production Facility

Canmore, AB

Contemporary and traditional architecture collide to create this unique industrial building in Canmore.

Brewery Use

The Grizzly Paw Brewery houses brewing, distilling and warehousing, and allows for office space, future tasting and touring areas — all while maintaining a striking architectural appearance.

Design Team

The Brewery was designed by Lloyd McLean Architects/Russell and Russell Design Studios with the structural engineering expertise of Cascade Engineering Group (now part of ISL).

Steel to Wood

First designed in steel, the building was redesigned with wood to better meet the project budget (the steel option was also seen as too complicated for some suppliers). This redesign added charm to the already impressive exterior and interior.

Building Design

The 22,000 square foot facility has a concrete foundation and a concrete/steel composite mezzanine floor, exterior timber frame, 90,000 board feet of glulam and heavy timber, a rod-braced frame and a fire-rated, wood-decked roof. The building design also incorporates a parallelogram floorplan, multiple gable roof, large windows for street views of the brewing tanks and a firewall to separate the distillery from the larger building.


This project won the 2013 Prairie Wood Design Award for Commercial and Institutional building.

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