Sea to Sky Suspension Bridge

Squamish, BC

Being built at the top of a mountain near Squamish on the way to Whistler, BC, the Sea to Sky Suspension Bridge and viewing platforms are a showpiece for a new tourist destination overlooking Howe Sound.

Design-Build Project

As part of a Design-Build process with Macdonald & Lawrence Timber Framing, ISL provided structural engineering and 3D visualization expertise to take this bridge from concept to reality.

Bridge Details

The bridge spans 86 metres across a ravine and is constructed of timber deck and steel cable, anchored to the granite rock.

Snow, Wind and Seismic Activity

Because of the altitude and location, the bridge can expect extremely heavy snow loadings in wintertime, not to mention the wind and seismic loads, so the team determined the maximum probable snow accumulation that could fit on the deck and built it to withstand the equivalent of 126 pounds per square foot.

Viewing Platforms

ISL also designed two high-exposure viewing platforms that have cantilevered struts to allow them to jut out over the cliffside, offering amazing, unobstructed views of Howe Sound below.

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