Stoney Nakoda Disaster Relief Housing

Stoney Nakoda First Nations, AB

The devastating floods in Alberta in June 2013 left widespread damage and displaced many residents all across the province, including the Stoney Nakoda First Nations. The Stoney Nakoda First Nations are spread out over three locations – Morley, between Calgary and Canmore; Eden Valley, near Longview and Bighorn, near Rocky Mountain House.


ISL was retained by the Government of Alberta to assess and inspect over 550 houses to be either repaired or demolished and replaced due to flood damage as well as to provide interim housing units for the emergency evacuees.

A Juggling Act

This project required regular communication with multiple parties ranging from key stakeholders (i.e. the Government of Alberta, the federal government, Health Canada and First Nations) to the other consultants and contractors involved in the project. ISL established a program to successfully manage the multiple contractors. In total, there were four general contractors working on this project, including two First Nation contractors.

Planning for the Future

As part of the Disaster Recovery Housing Program, ancillary goals were to provide Stoney Nation members with an opportunity for skills training so they could assist in their own recovery. Other goals include implementing preventative actions to reduce the probability of similar future disasters and damage and incorporating solutions to increase the durability and/or longevity of the new houses.

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