Tomamu Cloudwalk


Part of Japan’s Hoshino Resorts, the Tomamu Cloudwalk was ISL’s first international project.

Canadian Inspiration

Hoshino Resorts aspired to create a structure that would provide visitors the opportunity to experience an open air walkway that could be enjoyed at any time of the day. They found inspiration in a Canadian project offering a similar experience – the Sea to Sky Gondola and their timber viewing platforms and suspension bridge near Squamish, BC.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

The main spar and spoke poles are both solid 2nd growth Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) which are sawn into 12 sides and 8 sided cross sections respectively. Known for its natural durability and lack of chemical treatment or finishes, AYC firmly fits into the natural sustainable elements that both ISL and the Hoshino Resorts believe are important.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy in creating the Cloudwalk was to enhance the view of the Unkai (sea of clouds), and not become the focal point. The final design was a structurally efficient, simple and cost effective. It was designed to withstand the various elements (high wind, snow and earthquake conditions) and visitor loads while maintaining a light, cloud-like aesthetic.

Award Winning

The Tomamu Cloudwalk received a 2016 CEA Award of Merit in the International category.

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