Sugarloaf Bridge

Village of Zeballos, BC

The existing Sugarloaf Bridge was a four span, glue laminated bridge with a narrow timber deck. Constructed in 1977, it connected Ehattesaht/Chinehkint Village to the main Village of Zeballos on Vancouver Island – a distance that could be covered in a short five-minute walk.

An Aging Structure

Unfortunately, the bridge was too deteriorated to carry normal traffic loads and the bridge capacity was reduced to a limit of 3,000 kg. After years of trying to obtain funding, the Village was finally successful in securing the funds necessary to replace the bridge. ISL was subsequently retained for the project.


On June 5, the old bridge was closed for demolition. During this time, residents took an 8 km detour to the next closest bridge to get from one community to the other.

Project Scope

The scope included major geotechnical services, surveying services, structural and bridge engineering, highway design, environmental and archaeological services, major watermain relocation, electrical engineering, river training and upgrade to the dyke system and bank protection.

The New Bridge

The new bridge consists of a 98 m continuous three-span composite steel/concrete precast structure on steel piling with precast concrete abutments, armored riprap and steel railings. The single lane vehicular bridge includes a wide pedestrian access complete with two lookouts and a curved transition at the east end to allow for large trucks and vehicles with long trailers to pass form the nearby intersection onto the bridge.

Project Completion

Thursday, October 12 marked the official grand opening of the Sugarloaf Bridge.

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