Columbia Avenue and Washington Street Upgrades

Rossland, BC

When the highway through its downtown needed resurfacing, the City of Rossland partnered with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to upgrade the aging infrastructure along the corridor and revitalize its downtown. ISL was contracted to deliver the project from design to development, creating a downtown space that was safe for all users and attracts new business.

Pedestrian Friendly

Curb extensions and energy-saving LED lighting improve safety for pedestrians crossing the street. Street trees are supported by an innovative soil cell system and a stormwater-fed gravity irrigation system, saving 2000m3 of potable water annually.

Parking Solutions

Placing concrete swales at the rear of all on-street parking stalls provides an innovative drainage solution for dry access to parked cars, channeling water and slush away from curbs. Nearby parking stations are designed for charging electric cars.

Unique Heritage

Community enhancements included extending the downtown park into the street and incorporating distinctive sculptures and street furniture that reflect Rossland’s unique heritage and geology. For example, the streetscape design incorporated mining cart benches as well as granite and timber materials. The project demonstrates that it is possible to make a walkable, vital community space where urban centres and highways intersect.

Project Completion

The project was built on budget within a tight 6-month timeframe in summer and fall 2012.

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