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Welcome to ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

We are consulting engineers and land services professionals that are committed to inspiring sustainable thinking in transportation, land and water projects for the public and private sectors. We are set apart by our values. Our shared values are reflected in our everyday actions and represent the driving force behind our organization.

We Value Your Success

Our commitment to client success is evident in every aspect of our project work and is built on what we value: people, relationships and sustainability.

We Value People

ISL recruits, grows and develops the brightest technical minds to offer a complete line of engineering and land services:

ISL also offers the following professional services to complement all our projects:

Our commitment to each other is demonstrated in our collaborative approach to projects, our commitment to safety and our belief in giving back to our communities. We are a family that shares. ISL teams look for ways to maximize their understanding of project requirements—from generational sharing of expertise and sharing similar past project work to sharing knowledge of the geographic nuances of a site or of concurrent projects surrounding the site. ISL enables its teams with the tools and resources to share information and knowledge effectively, to the benefit of our clients.

We value our relationships with clients, suppliers and partners

ISL believes in collaboration and works with all stakeholders to deliver innovative projects that meet client objectives. For ISL, cooperation and teamwork—whether it is with client groups, other firms, or the public—is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to making our communities great places to live.

We value sustainability

ISL is committed to becoming a sustainable engineering and land services company by 2020. Sustainability at ISL encompasses our commitment to recruiting technical experts, ongoing education and research, and engaging clients to inspire sustainable thinking at every project level and opportunity.

We would be proud to be a part of your next project!

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Feature Video

Have you ever wondered what kind of work goes into constructing a massive freeway interchange or a signature bridge with a 100-year lifespan? ISL Engineering and Land Services is a consulting engineering firm that specializes in doing just that. We have been around since 1987 and have contributed our professional expertise to numerous projects in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We are a multidisciplinary firm, meaning we have specialized experts proficient in all areas of transportation, land and water engineering, planning, design and construction.

For the very first time, get a firsthand look behind the scenes with our senior project engineers. Hear them speak about resolving complications during the preliminary design phase, about innovations that allowed the project to meet and exceed our clients’ goals and about the ways in which these projects supported positive change in our communities.

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