Centre In The Park Master Plan

Sherwood Park, AB

ISL was retained by Strathcona County to direct the preliminary and detailed design for the Public Amenities and Open Space components of the Centre in the Park development.

Open Space Concept

ISL considered the many issues and challenges that must be addressed for the development of a successful public open space and worked with the County to better define the vision and to develop guidelines that would provide the foundation for the detailed design and contract documents for the Open Space components.

"Speak of the Place"

The redefined vision for the project was based on the principle that public open space is precious and that good public open space is rare. Public open space, where it can, should be beautiful and inspirational, provide opportunity for human interaction, and feel comfortable and safe. As importantly, it should "speak of the place."

Final Design

The final design for the public open space includes a seamless, crisp, urban design that extends the urban treatment throughout the site. The design facilitates ease of movement for both pedestrian and vehicles. The design elements within the walkway build upon the landscape of Strathcona County, the references may be abstract but they speak to the natural history of Strathcona County.

Wide Recognition

The public open space design defined the entire site, architecture of the buildings, roadway elements and were developed within the context defined by the urban design. This was a unique approach for establishing design guidelines and has received wide recognition throughout Canada.

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