Louise McKinney Park

Edmonton, AB

Louise McKinney Park has become Edmonton’s postcard park. Situated on 13 hectares of river valley at the foot of downtown, the park includes a unique mix of features, both urban and natural, contemporary and historical, passive and active.

Master Plan

ISL has been involved in all phases of the park planning, design and development, starting with the master plan in 1998 (as Butler Krebes & Associates along with Carlyle and Associates). The master plan received a very positive commitment from stakeholders and the community through a series of public consultation events, including workshops and open houses.

First Phase

ISL completed the first phase of development in 2002, which included the World Walk and Rose Garden.

Chinese Garden

As prime consultant for the park’s Edmonton Chinese Garden, ISL created an authentic garden to celebrate Chinese culture in Alberta.

Riverfront Walk

ISL also led the development of a unique river promenade on the shore of the North Saskatchewan River, including boat docks and emergency access. The promenade features cantilevered viewing platforms, a five-metre precast concrete walkway structure, custom metal railings, benches and lighting.

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