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Creating Communites

Whether it is for residential, industrial or commercial land development, ISL’s Land Development group has the expertise and experience necessary to deliver sound, innovative and cost-effective solutions. Focused on our clients’ and project needs, the Land Development group provides comprehensive services in all aspects of urban and rural land development consulting. Depending on the project, our team also has access to ISL’s Transportation, Municipal, Water, Landscape Architecture and Land Use Planning disciplines; we deliver integrated solutions to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met.  



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Ongoing Projects

Our Service Areas

Land Development Planning
  • Annexations, Municipal Development Plans 
  • Area Structure Plans, redistricting and subdivision applications 
  • Pre-purchase assessments 
  • Assistance with Development Agreement negotiation 
  • Preliminary development budgets 
Land Development Engineering
  • Project coordination 
  • Preliminary planning and engineering studies 
  • Topographic surveys 
  • Sanitary sewer and water distribution analyses, and detailed design 
  • Storm sewer and stormwater management analyses, and detailed design 
  • Roads, sidewalks, trail systems design 
  • Shallow utilities coordination 
  • Coordination of legal survey and geotechnical requirements
  • Lot grading design 
  • Assistance with Development Agreement negotiation, including security requirements 
  • Municipal, provincial and federal approvals 
  • Preliminary and detailed estimating 
  • Contract documentation and tendering 
  • Construction layout, monitoring and administration

Put Yourself in the Picture

ISL’s Unreal Engine services bring your design concepts to life and allow you to visualize the future of your structure. 

With the creative freedom to quickly iterate on your ideas, Unreal Engine offers a real – time immersive exploration of your building models with unmatched photorealistic visuals to showcase your design before it is built. 

Experience your structures as you explore, evaluate, and validate them in an authentic environment. 

ISL’s experts develop custom interactions to create more engaging experiences, including Virtual Reality (VR) headsets where we adapt the technology to our Unreal Engine software allowing you to take a first person look into your design. 

  • Import CAD models or various 3D model formats intoUnreal Engine.
  • Create prebuilt tours for automatic playback.
  • Show all available layers of a building to reveal hidden utilities.
  • Create alternate lighting scenarios to see multiple illumination options.
  • Generate user-driven options for materials and textures.
  • Package deliverables to run the software on your own. 

Regardless of project size or complexity, our Unreal Engine expertise can help you go from design concept to completion 

Getting Approvals

Our traffic engineering team works with developers, architects, planners and contractors to evaluate the traffic implications of a project and to secure development approvals. We conduct traffic impact assessments to determine necessary road improvements as well as parking assessments for parking requirements. We are experienced in multi-modal transportation designs that incorporate public transit with multi-use pedestrian and bike paths. We are also an emerging leader in developing micro simulation models to support key decisions for major transportation projects 

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