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3D Visualization

Bring your design concepts to life with ISL’s 3D Visualization Services. You no longer need to wonder how a new development will transform downtown, how a new bridge or interchange will improve traffic flow, or how new landscape elements will bring a space to life. Instead, accurately visualize the impacts of your design with photorealistic graphics, animations and interactive simulations.  

Using leading edge technology such as Virtual Reality, Real-Time Interactive Models and Reality Capture, ISL will integrate real world data and virtual design models to create a fully immersive experience for use in project team decisions, client meetings and community engagement efforts.  

Recent Projects

Pinetree Way Revitalization

ISL redesigned the corridor, bringing improvements to traffic flow and safety, while creating an appealing and functional multi-modal streetscape design.

Diverging Diamond Interchange

The Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) is the first of its kind in Canada. Built to accommodate traffic volumes and improve safety, it has has exceeded expectations.

Banff Elementary School

The new 2-phase, 2-storey building with an aggregate of 3,542-m2 replacement school combined the use of structural steel, heavy timber and reinforced concrete.

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We help clients find and integrate sustainable measures at all project phases to create lasting community assets.