The Diefenbaker Bridge Barrier and Guardrail Inspection and Repair project brought this vital piece of aging infrastructure up to modern codes and accommodated safety requirements for all users.
Client: City of Prince Albert

Location: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Project Type: Structures

About This Project

The Diefenbaker Bridge is a vital crossing over the North Saskatchewan River for Prince Albert residents, tourists and industry. Accommodating 30,000 vehicle trips each day, the bridge was in need of rehabilitation and repairs to meet safety standards. The City of Prince Albert engaged ISL to examine current conditions and recommend and execute a rehabilitation strategy. ISL’s goal was to understand the deterioration occurring and make recommendations to repair the existing barriers and pedestrian rails.

After inspection, it was clear there was a safety issue with the barriers and handrails connections – they would have to be replaced. ISL carefully considered options with a unique in-house tool based on a probabilistic approach to intervention.


The site inspection confirmed barriers and handrail connections in addition to the bridge approach guardrails were a safety issue, it wasn’t until demolition that a significant amount of the original deck concrete had been discovered as damaged by freeze thaw deterioration along
the entire length of the bridge. Managing the discovery onsite, ISL recommended additional measures to address the deterioration within the construction budget.

ISL ensured minimum impact on the community, a traffic accommodation strategy was developed to ensure three lanes remained open during peak travelling days. Guaranteeing a sustainable project, ISL also engaged the Ministry of Environment to ensure concrete material was disposed of ecologically.

ISL’s rehabilitation plan brought the aging infrastructure up to modern codes, accommodated safety requirements for all users; and recommended a long term maintenance strategy.

Integrated Expertise

  • Structural Engineering
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