Pinetree Way Revitalization

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Project Details

Prime Consultant

City of Coquitlam

July 2013

October 2016


Active Transportation | Landscape Architecture | Municipal Infastructure | Transportation | Transportation Planning

Project Description


The 1.2 km stretch of Pinetree Way between Barnet Highway and Town Centre Boulevard is the primary gateway to Coquitlam’s City Centre. Once a car-centric, six-lane arterial roadway and truck route with few pedestrian amenities, the corridor’s mobility ecosystem changed with the introduction of the Evergreen SkyTrain Line.

Pinetree Way boasts improved traffic flow, traffic calming and on street parking, low impact development drainage systems, enhanced pedestrian and cyclist safety (e.g., multi-use pathways, lighting and wayfinding) and wider sidewalks that encourage people to walk, cycle, use transit and gather in the City Centre.

The City envisioned a greener, more vibrant and welcoming corridor with enhanced facilities and function for all road users, including: drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. Leading the Pinetree Way Enhancements project, ISL redesigned the corridor, bringing improvements to traffic flow and safety, while creating an appealing and functional multi-modal streetscape design that encourages people to walk, cycle, use transit and gather in the City Centre.

In addition to new pathway lighting, a number of other measures were taken to ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety. Boulevard trees, bioswales, planting beds and street parking buffer pedestrians from vehicle traffic, while curb bulges and pedestrian-activated signals reduce street crossing times.