Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre Retail Building

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Project Details


Wilson Retail Centre

July 2016

October 2016


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Project Description


The Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre introduces an entirely new concept to Saskatoon – one yielding from the Netherlands where the complex was designed by Thermoflor. Going beyond the sale of plants and garden accessories, the Centre was designed to be a destination for families.

As the gateway to the complex, the main retail building needed to be a warm, memorable structure with a natural look akin to the plants inside. To deliver this, heavy timber was incorporated into the design.

Unable to design glulam in-house, Thermoflor turned to its supplier, Western Archrib, who called in the expertise of ISL. In need of a Canadian engineer  to verify the design under Canadian National Building Code, ISL quickly became Engineer of Record for the retail building. Though the original steel to steel connections are unconventional in Canada and the team was faced with the challenge of some of the steel for the roof being fabricated in the Netherlands and some in Canada, ISL ensured the completed building was to code. While performing the structural engineering tasks typically completed by as many as three different firms, ISL ensured that the overall structural design and details met the architectural intent and function.

To further tie in the natural look, sustainability and warmth of the building, the design incorporated an automatic window shading system and included a load allowance for solar panels on the south facing sloped roof. An open floor layout provided the flexible space the Client desired for visiting families.