Blakeburn Lagoons Park, is a former derelict sanitary detention facility that was transformed into an ecological nature preserve and open space for the public.
Client: City of Port Coquitlam

Location: Port Coquitlam, BC

Project Type: Landscape Architecture

About This Project

In Blakeburn Lagoons Park, constructed wetlands were created to treat on-site contamination through phytoremediation as well as enhance biodiversity. The project included directing the municipal stormwater to the wetland to maintain year-round water levels and mitigate existing flooding in the neighbourhood.

The 11-hectare park has seen an abundance of wildlife including foxes, raccoons, bats, muskrats, snakes, salamanders, frogs and over 125 bird species. Meanwhile, water contamination levels at the site have dropped significantly from pre-construction levels.

The naturalistic landscape of the park benefits more than wildlife. This approach also limits park maintenance costs, increases property values for neighbouring residential properties, and increases the viability of adjacent site development with a resulting increase in the municipal tax base.

The park has become an educational facility for local schools involving plant installation and wildlife monitoring. It has also become a “hot spot” for Vancouver-area birders. Since opening in spring 2018, over 125 bird species have been sighted there. Blakeburn Lagoons Park, through the introduction of natural remediation processes, wildlife features, interpretive signage and walking trails, offers an engaging and immersive experience of ecological restoration and renewal.

Integrated Expertise

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Supporting Services

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