The City of Saskatoon retained ISL  to conduct a Functional Plan for the Highway 11 and 16 interchange.
Client: City of Saskatoon

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Project Type: Transportation

About This Project

The City of Saskatoon retained ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) to conduct a Functional Plan for the Highway 11 and 16 interchange. Serving traffic from the TransCanada Highway and Circle Drive, the City’s ring road, the existing 1960s cloverleaf interchange does not effectively move traffic and has substandard vertical clearances. Long identified by the City as a priority upgrade, the interchange’s replacement is anticipated to be one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Saskatoon’s history.

ISL developed both a long-term interchange plan to ensure that this important corridor will once again be a free-flow facility, as well as a staging plan to alleviate operational problems in the short-term. With constrained space due to the close proximity of adjacent interchanges in all directions and neighbouring communities and residential areas along the road right-of-way, typical interchange solutions were not possible. ISL led a multidisciplinary team (i.e., transportation, structural, municipal, surveying, geotechnical, environmental, community engagement, graphic design, utility coordination and historical resources) and thoroughly evaluated 11 interchange configurations that considered present and future traffic volumes, mobility, noise and long-term flexibility.

The goal was to identify a configuration that would accommodate increased traffic volume, relieve significant daily congestion, reduce delays for commuters and goods movement, decrease the number of collisions caused by stop-and-go and short weave conditions and cut unnecessary emissions. ISL responded to the challenge by proposing Saskatoon’s first three-level interchange.

To ensure that the community and future decision makers understand what was being proposed for this complex interchange, the City extended the project scope by enlisting ISL’s 3D visualization team to prepare a 3D model, fly-through video and “you drive” station that allow people to experience the interchange.


Integrated Expertise

  • Transportation Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Supporting Services

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