37 Street SW Streetscape

City of Calgary

Project Details

Prime Consultant

City of Calgary

August 2019

October 2022


Active Transportation | Buildings | City | Community Engagement | Cyclists/Pedestrians | Landscape Architecture | Municipal | Transportation

Project Description

As a part of The City of Calgary Main Streets Initiative, the 37 Street SW Streetscape attempts to create a truly inventive streetscape to adhere to future land use designation and development. Emphasis on design is aimed at creating a safe, vibrant experience at the pedestrian level. Three concepts were developed for the 37 Street SW Streetscape project that emphasizes different public realm functionalities: Urban-Nature, Urban- people, and Urban Hybrid. The focus is on an enhanced pedestrian level experience while accommodating the intensive vehicular patterns that resonate in surrounding neighbourhoods. This project is now complete and being enjoyed by the neighborhood and city alike.



  • Coordinating disciplines to create a design that is sensitive to deep, shallow and overhead utility as well as overall construction costs.
  • Managing varying levels of expectations of the project stakeholders such as City Council, City team members, residents, and the Ward 8 Councillor.
  • Adhering to the intensive standard The City of Calgary has in place



  • Maintaining a rigid client/team meeting schedule has ensured that coordination efforts stay on track and are documented accordingly.
  • ISL’s engagement team has worked closely with The City of Calgary engagement representatives to ensure a comprehensive engagement process was implemented and adheres to the strict guidelines in place for City projects.
  • Strict adherence to The City of Calgary standard specifications and ongoing client communication.