Deltaport Truck Staging Facility

Vancouver, BC

Project Details

Prime Consultant

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Dec 2015

August 2018


British Columbia | Environmental Infrastructure | Functional Planning | Geometric Design | Municipal | Municipal Transportation | Network | Regional | Transportation

Project Profile


As part of the Deltaport Terminal Road and Rail Improvement Program (DTRRIP), Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) proposed a truck staging facility as part of a series of ancillary road initiatives aimed at mitigating the impacts of the additional capacity on the road network servicing the Deltaport terminal. Parking and queuing had been a source of aggravation on the roads due to terminal closures from high wind events and other incidents. The project is located in Delta at the confluence of SFPR, Deltaport Way, and Highway 17A.

ISL led a team of consultants in delivering the preliminary and detailed design, tendering, and contract administration and field inspection services.

Disciplines included highways, municipal/civil, structural, traffic, environmental, survey, legal survey, geotechnical, electrical, agrology, road safety, wildlife specialist, and archeological.

The project included a truck staging facility accommodating 145 trucks in the main staging area, a designated Provincial Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) area, partial automation, planned for future full automation, highway ramp re-alignments, minimize environmental and ALR impacts, drainage, watermains, preload, seismic ground improvements, a staged soil anchor wall, foundations, entry/exit gates, lighting, digital message signs, cycle routes, coordination with third party utilities.