Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission Asset Management Application

Red Deer River, AB

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Prime Consultant

Mountain View Regional Water Commission

February 2022



Municipal | Water | Water and Wastewater

Project Description


With 30,000 residents across six communities along the Red Deer River in Alberta, the Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission (MVRWSC) needed a centralized approach to asset management in the Anthony Henday Water Treatment Plant. With asset and maintenance data scattered between multiple hardcopy books, the MVRWSC was looking for a user-friendly program that amalgamated essential information into one central place, with little to no demand for an in-house programmer or IT support.   ISL developed just that⁠—a “low-code /no-code” stand-alone, interactive asset management application that acts as a virtual replica of their real-world plant, providing an efficient way to unify, visualize, and access facility data.   We digitized the existing plant assets into a 3D model using 3D laser scans, site photography, and available CAD files. A database was designed using Microsoft Dataverse with MVRWSC’s existing documents and files. Using Unreal Engine, a 3D gaming engine, we developed the user-friendly interface and connected the database to the 3D model, allowing operators to virtually maneuver through the plant, and swiftly view and update equipment specs and maintenance stats at the click of a button.

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  • Data acquisition – gathering data from many sources.
  • The process of digitizing hardcopy data and scrubbing through P&IDs to vet if they were accurate to the real plant.
  • Making decisions on which object required its own identity and filtering what assets were to be included in the model.




  • ISL’s skillful team of individuals with expertise across multiple disciplines was able to collect the data from multiple sources, assess, organize, and then digitize it to accurately host data into one centralized database and 3D model.
  • The team, through direct communication with MVRWSC, collaborated to ensure only the relevant objects to the plant processes were included in the model, resulting in an optimally tailored management platform.

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