Green Spine Conceptual Design

Vancouver, BC

Project Details

Prime Consultant

District of North Vancouver

April 2017

April 2018


Active Transportation | British Columbia | City | Community | Cyclists/Pedestrians | Intersections | Landscape Architecture | Municipal | Municipalities | Stormwater Management | Urban Design

Project Profile


The Green Spine is envisaged as a continuous linear public park running through a developing high density, residential neighbourhood in North Vancouver. The Green Spine will be the primary internal public open space for the 15 hectare Lower Lynn Town Centre mixed use development. It is stated to run 600 m in length and feature a multi-use path, a continuous “urban stream,” seating nodes, public art and generous new plantings.

Two neighbourhood parks along the Spine form part of the project. The stream is part of a comprehensive area stormwater facility that will convey, detain and store area stormwater for on-site landscape irrigation.

ISL is involved in the comprehensive planning and conceptual design of the Green Spine. Planning includes developing guidelines for edge treatments at future adjacent private developments, pedestrian circulation systems, roadway intersections, stormwater management facilities and the overall establishment of urban form and character.