The area proposed was to be developed for residential and industrial use, in accordance with the City’s MDP.

Client: City of Grande Prairie

Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Project Type: Community Planning

About this Project

The City of Grande Prairie retained ISL to develop the Area Structure Plan (ASP) for Bear Creek North, which addressed the long-term planning and development of 60 parcels of land ranging from agricultural quarter sections to concentrations of country residential lots and two recreational developments. The area proposed was to be developed for residential and industrial use, in accordance with the City’s MDP. The land was recently annexed and was intended to serve as a critical tool to achieve the City’s strategic goals.

Public engagement for the project was designed based on the City’s Citizen Engagement Policy and IAP2 values. The recent annexation required a strong communication plan and innovative engagement tools were required to ensure participation from the identified stakeholders. The engagement plan developed by ISL involved multiple internal/external/landowner/design workshops, open houses, an online survey, along with developing communication materials and advertising events to the community and stakeholders

The key themes that emerged from the feedback received and considered throughout the preparation. The ASP included environmental protection, access, branding, land use, and connectivity and open space. ISL ensured that current agricultural, country residential, and recreation uses will be respected and integrated into the growth of the area while also planning for the extension of/integration with the City’s Bear Creek urban park system.

The ASP has two major sub-areas consisting of the area north of Highway 43 (Area 1) and the area south of the Highway (Area 2) each of these areas are intended to develop differently. Each area will have different mixes of land uses relating to natural features, proposed infrastructure, adjacent land uses, potential future uses, and current land use patterns

Integrated Expertise

  • Community Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Supporting Services

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