3D Visualization

Our 3D Visualization services will bring your design concepts to life and allow you to visualize the exciting future of your project.

Helping You Visualize Success

ISL’s 3D Visualization services will bring your design concepts to life and allow you to visualize the future. Imagine seeing what your city will look like with a new development in the heart of downtown, or how the traffic will flow after the addition of a new bridge or interchange. Using CADD drawings and other design data to create 3D virtual environments—complete with realistic textures, lighting and animation—ISL’s visualization specialist will help you see into the unbuilt world.

Assisting with design review and presentation, the 3D models can be analyzed or viewed from any angle. Complex sets of design data can also be simplified and isolated for at-a-glance understanding. Stakeholders and the public can instantly understand how a new roadway, building or landscape feature will look before it is built. This generates informed feedback towards the final design, encouraging buy-in for the final product from the public, grantmakers or Councils.

Our Unique Service Offering

ISL uses leading edge technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, laser scanners and point cloud models, photogrammetry, real time game engine applications and 360° imaging systems to assist in developing 3D visualizations. We adapt these technologies to our projects, offering a unique approach that merges real world data with virtual design models to generate a user experience of the final project build. Custom virtual tour applications can also be created to present a project or design online.

Regardless of project size or complexity, our 3D services can help you go from design concept to completion.

Aiding the Public

To help stakeholders visualize the configuration from the street level and understand how a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) works, ISL called in the support of its in-house 3D visualization team who worked with The City to develop 3D renderings and animation. These videos were used at different project stages but were especially critical in the evaluation and decision making processes, and in the lead-up to the DDI’s official opening. Generally, with the right information and context, public stakeholders were enthusiastically in support of the DDI, a factor which helped support The City’s ultimate decision to confirm the DDI as the correct solution at this location.

3D Visualization Demo Reel

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