community Planning

Laying the Foundation

With sustainability always at the forefront, ISL’s Community Planning group addresses the challenges that come with change in urban, rural, and regional landscapes. 

Our planners have extensive experience in the preparation of land use plans, bylaws, and growth strategies. Our services accomplish the integration of land use with infrastructure and the natural environment in a sustainable manner as a proactive approach to facilitating growth. Our clients benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration, where we combine our professional planning expertise with in-house public consultation, creative services, urban design, and engineering expertise, and the strong technical support of our GIS/Mapping group. 


Our Service Areas

Land Use Plans, Policies and Bylaws
  • Land Use Bylaws
  • Municipal Development Plans and Intermunicipal Development Plans
  • Area Structure Plans and Area Redevelopment Plans
  • Neighbourhood Structure Plans, Area Concept Plans,and Outline Plans
  • Land use policy reviews, studies, research and new policy formulation
  • First Nations Community Plans
  • Growth management strategies and studies
  • Public consultation and communication
  • Regional Planning
  • Integrated Growth Management Plans
  • Regional land use plans, growth studies, and advisory services
Land Development Engineering
  • Land development feasibility and site selection studies
  • Site planning and urban design
  • Rezoning, subdivision, development permit, roadclosure, and plan amendment applications
  • Project coordination and client representation through approval and appeal processes
  • Review of plans for compliance with regional policy
Municipal Advisory Services
  • Planning/policy advisory services and development review services
  • Council, SDAB, and MPC training workshops/orientations

Special Planning Studies 

  • TOD planning and light rail transit corridor selection studies
  • Annexation studies
  • Downtown/business revitalization plans and impact assessments
  • Recreation and transportation planning
  • GIS mapping and GIS-based land use analysis, including land supply and demand
  • Expert testimony on planning matters

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