Civil Design and Support

ISL offers comprehensive services to help road authorities and developers manage even the most complex road/rail crossings. Whether it is for a new at-grade crossing in a low traffic area or a grade separation at a busy crossing, we can help.   

We have expertise in negotiation and can draw on more than three decades of experience negotiating with railway companies for maximum cost apportionment. We are very familiar with both Transport Canada’s guidelines for at-grade crossings and the requirements of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) for railway grade separations. Should there be a need to obtain a decision from the CTA, we are also experienced in preparing successful applications. 

For prioritizing grade separation needs, we are familiar with cross product requirements and have a customizable database with formulae to help identify the highest priority crossings.   

Our multidisciplinary expertise helps clients with all aspects of a road/rail crossing. From planning to construction administration, we assist with the roadway, bridge and approaches, drainage, environmental regulatory aspects, landscaping and consultation needs. For all other needs, we have working relationships with specialist subconsultants.  

Our Service Areas 

  • At-grade and grade-separated crossings 
  • Railway crossing planning studies  
  • Railway company negotiations  
  • Utilities coordination  
  • Roadway, bridge and approach design  
  • Drainage design 
  • Landscape design 
  • Construction administration 
  • Public/Stakeholder consultation and communications 
  • 3D visualization of design 
  • Environmental regulatory approvals 

Our Specialty Services 

  • Assistance prioritizing crossings for grade separation 
  • Application to railway for approval 
  • Railway negotiations for cost apportionment and construction 
  • Assistance with agreements  
  • Right-of-way land acquisition  
  • Notice of works to landowners and stakeholders 
  • Applications to Canadian Transportation Agency, if required