Transportation Planning

Moving your world forward ISL’s transportation planning services address a wide range of needs from regional transportation network assessments to more localized plans that support neighbourhoods and single development parcels.  

We assist municipalities in developing multi-modal transportation policies and plans to enable effective, efficient and safe travel and mobility choices.  

To support future developments, we conduct traffic and parking studies to better manage and mitigate the effects of growth. We draw on best practices and the expertise of seasoned professionals to provide innovative, practical solutions. Our firm’s expertise in other disciplines, such as water resources planning, land use planning, environmental management and landscape architecture, helps us deliver highly integrated solutions.  

Our Service Areas  

Transportation Policy and Strategy Development  

  • Transportation master plans, policies and network plans (neighbourhood, municipal, regional) 
  • Travel forecasting (four-step process) 
  • Transportation strategy reports 
  • Sustainability reviews 

Functional Planning and Route Selection  

  • Roadway functional design 
  • Transit corridor (LRT, Busway) functional design 
  • Transit Centre and Park n Ride functional design 
  • Pedestrian and trail facilities planning 
  • Bicycle facilities planning 

 Transit Planning  

  • Area-wide transit service plans 
  • Transit fare strategies 
  • Transit service standards 

Development Planning  

  • Traffic and Parking Impact Assessments 
  • Site access planning 
  • Land Use Bylaw support services Transportation Operations 
  • Traffic signal planning and design 
  • Micro-simulation (VISSIM) 
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) 
  • Traffic calming strategies 
  • GIS applications in transportation (GIS-T) 
  • Road Safety Audits and Assessments


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