Asset management

As time progresses, deteriorating infrastructure is becoming an ongoing concern for every municipality. Assets are reaching the end of their useful lives and will require costly renewals in the future. When looking at the vast amount of municipal infrastructure involved, it is no wonder that municipalities find it difficult to balance infrastructure maintenance demands and the allocation of funds.

Asset management can help navigate future maintenance and budget requirements as we move into an era with fewer available resources. By utilizing a structured process of managing performance, level of service, cost and risks, communities can ensure they are maintaining their assets in a sustainable way.

ISL provides expert asset management services to effectively help communities on this journey. We utilize a local approach, drawing expertise from over 400 engineering and technical professionals, to build a solution unique to your organizational culture.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Asset management training workshops
  • Staffing resources to help develop asset database/registers
  • Technical experts to conduct condition assessment of assets
  • Risk management workshops
  • Assistance in the development of capital programs

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