ISL’s Geomatics team provides a comprehensive range of survey services to land managers, developers, government, contractors and designers for their transportation, municipal, environmental, infrastructure, land, and industrial development projects. By utilizing cutting edge technologies combined with highly trained specialists, we have the experience and skill sets required to provide top level accuracy and responsiveness for your survey needs. Our experienced field survey crews operate in rural and urban areas, using advanced GNSS GPS, Robotic Total Stations, 3D Laser Scanners, Bathymetric Sonar RCVs and RPAS/Drones to provide precise and reliable field data for your projects

Construction Surveys

ISL’s survey team provides pre-construction, construction and post-construction services for a wide range of projects. Our dedicated surveyors work closely with contractors, owners, and design teams to deliver high quality survey data. This combination of technology and personnel has enabled ISL to provide survey services exceeding typical deliverables at a savings compared to other survey groups.

Our Service Areas

  • Topographic site surveys
  • Earthwork and volume surveys
  • Tunneling and trenching layout and control
  • Road construction layout and as-builts
  • Structural layout and as-builts
  • Independent quality assurance surveys
  • Deformation monitoring surveys
  • Control Surveys

3D Laser Scanner Surveys and 2D or 3D Modelling

ISL’s Geomatics team offers the latest 3D Laser Scanner and Modelling technology available on the market. Precise and complete capturing of existing conditions can be highly valuable as a foundation for engineering design or retrofit analysis.

ISL’s Geomatics team can survey indoor and outdoor projects in full 2D or 3D with high detail and accuracy. We can capture very complicated areas with extreme detail and high efficiency by acquiring over 1 million data points per second with millimeter accuracy.

ISL’s Reality Capture System acquires all relative spatial data in one highly efficient pass reducing the risk for human error during design or construction stages.

Bathymetry Services

Our Bathymetry Survey team is specialized in everything from river and lake bank stabilization to bridge pier and abutment conditions, reservoir volumes, shallow and deep water mapping operations and targeted bathymetry services.

ISL approaches bathymetry from a safety standpoint, and with the platforms available to us, we rarely need to have staff in the water.

ISL operates two levels of unmanned vessels for bathymetry – both are centimeter accurate and capable of mapping in depths as shallow as 0.3 m or as deep as 80 m.

For large river systems, ISL implements a manned boat platform operated by trained, certified and experienced riverboat pilots, capable of navigating large watercourses with sufficient depth for the standard propeller drive. This boat may even be used to transport the RCVs into areas with limited access.

Drone or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

ISL is a fully compliant and insured RPAS service provider with Drone Pilots that are licensed and knowledgeable to operate under Transport Canada’s legal framework.

The use of RPAS builds on ISL’s extensive background in conventional surveying. Features of this service include:

  • High resolution aerial photography and video provide a current bird’s eye view of a project for design documentation and construction purposes.
  • Drone mapping provides accurate deliverables such as digital elevation models, digital terrain models, contour plans, georeferenced orthophoto mosaics and point clouds that can be incorporated into your current CAD workflow.
  • Drone inspections of critical infrastructure provide valuable input for maintenance, personnel, engineers and designers that normally would not be viewable. Inspection of hazardous worksites can also be performed without endangering employees.
  • Drone surveys of hard ground surface features are quicker and often more accurate than conventional surveys.