Green infrastructure

ISL is an award-winning, full-service consulting firm dedicated to innovative and sustainable planning and design solutions for transportation, water, land, and environmental projects. Established in Edmonton in 1986, ISL has grown to a multi-disciplinary industry leader with 14 offices and 425 staff across Western Canada.

Our range of expertise and depth of experience allows us to meet project challenges regardless of scale, complexity or schedule. At the same time, our local presence and knowledge enables us to provide personal client services as well as site-specific design and construction solutions.

We are a diverse group of professionals who share an enthusiasm in the design and development of infrastructure that facilitates a stronger economy, a cleaner environment and safer, more resilient communities. For over 30 years we’ve helped institutions and communities solve urban and climatic challenges through the thoughtful planning, design and construction of green infrastructure.

Our diversity is our strength. Engineers, technologists, planners, landscape architects, scientists and biologists build on each other’s areas of expertise to deliver a holistic approach to infrastructure and ecological planning and design. We are committed to a collaborative approach to projects and integrate the expertise of strategic partners and project stakeholders in the most meaningful, effective manner.

We are inspired by natural cycles, processes and systems. With over 100 green infrastructure projects ranging from feasibility studies, LID and stormwater management plans to green streets, bioswales and constructed wetlands; the ISL team’s strength is in blending conventional systems with resilient and regenerative infrastructure – striking a balance between the built and natural worlds.

We create green, regenerative infrastructure designed through the integration of municipal, hydrological and transportation engineering and landscape architecture and environmental management expertise. ISL’s involvement in green infrastructure projects extends to post-construction monitoring services, where the efficacy of the new systems are proved out.

Our planning and design approach is highly adaptive, evolving to contend with new demands and requirements by employing new technologies as well as innovative design and delivery processes.

As we continue our journey toward becoming a sustainable engineering and land services company by 2020, we help clients find and integrate sustainable measures at all project phases. Our goal is to create lasting community assets that are responsive to need, adaptive to change and have a positive association with the natural world.

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