Modelling Services

Using state-of-the-art transportation modelling tools, ISL’s Transportation Planning team offers a wide range of modelling services including Travel Demand Management and Traffic Micro Simulation. We consider our clients as part of our team in the model development process. We believe in knowledge transfer and are available to train Clients in use of the models.

Travel Demand Modelling

Our dedicated team members use state-of-the-art research, technical expertise, innovation, and professional judgement to provide credible forecast results that are critical to the travel demand model development process. In addition to typical uses, Travel Demand Modelling can also be used to outline sustainable solutions featuring various Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies and alternative transportation policies. Our team is available to provide the forecast results for future capital projects. We have expertise in most of the popular demand modelling platforms including VISUM, TRANSCAD, and EMME 3.

Micro Simulation Modelling

With state-of-the-art modelling platforms and experience with a wide range of complex projects, ISL is an emerging industry leader in developing micro simulation models. Our models have been used to support key decisions for major transportation investments, to evaluate network alternatives, analyse transit corridors with associated traffic impacts, and identify the key performance indicators for transportation policy implementation. Our expertise includes both freeway and arterial traffic operation and transit priority strategies modelling, as well as dynamic traffic assignment based on Origin-Destination (OD) vehicle routing. We utilize most of the major traffic operation packages including VISSIM, TransModeler, Synchro/SimTraffic and SIDRA.

Integration with GIS and 3D Tools

ISL’s Transportation Planning team works closely with theGIS/Mapping group and 3D Visualization Services. Our GIS/Mapping group offers custom software/interface development, spatial data analysis, and transit coverage area determination. ISL’s 3D Visualization Services meet the growing needs for visual communication and simulation, bridging the gap between technical design data and stakeholder/community involvement. We also have the capability to integrate our micro-simulation models with 3D models.

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