Moving you around safely

ISL offers the complete range of consulting services to develop modern roundabouts for greenfield or retrofit applications.

Roundabouts can be a safer and more sustainable form of intersection as part of residential neighbourhoods, commercial sites, arterial roads, highways or interchange junctions.

We are knowledgeable of current standards and stay on top of the latest developments in North American practice through regular participation in industry events such as the U.S. Transportation Research Board’s International Conference on Roundabouts.

Our outcome-oriented approach considers several current traffic analysis and geometric design theories for the best overall design to meet our client’s needs.

Our Service Areas:

  • Policy development
  • Traffic analysis and modelling
  • Planning, detailed design and construction administration
  • Inclusion of pedestrian, bicycle and transit facilities
  • Senior reviews including operations and safety
  • Landscaping including entry or signature features
  • Public consultation and communications

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