Structural Analysis

Facility owners, municipalities, managers and investors constantly face challenges related to building management, maintenance and budgeting. ISL Engineering and Land Services’ (ISL) Structural-Buildings group works with such clients to conduct facility assessments and structural analysis to provide our clients with critical information necessary to make decisions.

Our analysis’ document the deficiencies of a structure, systems and components and estimate the associated costs for repair, upgrade and code compliance. In doing so, our team helps our clients prioritize immediate and long-term needs relative to functional needs, determine the complete scope of work required to repair or replace existing structures and determine a structure’s life expectancy and its next required upgrades. Our facility assessments also assist in the capital and operating budget processes within municipalities.

ISL is experienced and equipped to help you complete your assessment despite even the toughest of challenges including expedited schedules (e.g., due to facility usage), limited availability of vendors and/or labour, weather dependent work, poor record data or lack thereof and politically sensitive, high profile projects.

Depending on a client’s needs, code reviews of the facilities along with project phasing and/or staging plans can also be included in the final report to help reach consensus among a group of stakeholders and prepare for upgrades required for change of use of the facility.

ISL offers the following services to assist in Capital Plans for facilities:

  • Prime consulting services – proactively managing the team of specialists required for individualized facility assessments.
  • Assessment services of building and tank structures to establish current condition, probable cause and foreseeable remediation required.
  • Draft, final and summary reports outlining recommendations from the specialists engaged, complete with budget estimates to assist in establishing a 10 year capital plan.
  • Tender preparation and administration for any remediation required.
  • Contract administration to ensure remediation is completed to our client’s expectation and best interest.

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