Heavy Timber Engineering

Specializing in unique features associated with many institutional buildings, our expertise includes municipal, arts and culture, hotel and resort, sport and recreation, retail and commercial structures.

Our multidisciplinary team works with clients to deliver value throughout a structures life cycle. Our professional experience and expertise in heavy timber, concrete, and steel form buildings from minimal visual impact approach to fully exposed architectural structures using heavy timber.

With LEED® certified engineering experience, we set a benchmark for sustainable design. We have designed diverse, award-winning buildings and structures for government and corporate clients that play into natural and built surroundings. Our integrated teams create impactful buildings and structures that people want to experience.

ISL’s mass timber engineers are dedicated to being industry leaders to bring big picture thinking to detailed solutions in all of our projects. Our team is technically competent; priding themselves on timely, cost effective, constructible, clever detailing.

Mass Timber

ISL’s Structural-Buildings group specializes in the use of mass timber products like glue-laminated timber (glulam) and cross-laminated timber to create innovative design solutions. ISL’s knowledge of traditional building technologies plays a vital role in the evaluation of, and specification for structural conservation works.

We focus on the renewal, revitalization, and design of mass timber projects that are responsive to budgetary concerns, making the best possible use of sustainable, flexible, and energy efficient products to create infrastructure that saves time, money and resources.

ISL has the unique benefit of being an integrated team. We collaborate with architects, engineers and other specialists to accomplish our clients’ project goals.

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