As urban centres move towards more densification, particularly around mass transit stations and public transit hubs, a greater emphasis has been put on designing multi-purpose, inviting public spaces to anchor these zones. ISL brings an integrated multidisciplinary approach to transit centre site design, working collectively to deliver high-quality, vibrant and sustainable public realms that operate as much more than just ‘a place to catch the bus or train.’

When designing transit centre sites, ISL’s Transportation Planning expertise includes analyzing the surrounding road network, parking facilities, pedestrian routes and bike paths so that these spaces can be inclusive and service a variety of transportation methods. Our Municipal Engineering team makes certain that any new transit sites are well integrated into the existing utility infrastructure, ensuring minimal service disruptions and installation costs.

Our Landscape Architecture group works to incorporate the new development into the existing urban fabric of the surrounding neighbourhood in terms of scale, form and character.

In addition, ISL’s Public Consultation services engage multiple stakeholder parties in order to gauge each stakeholder’s needs and aspirations. This encourages

stakeholder buy-in and ensures long-term project success by satisfying expectations and addressing any issues early in the design process. We believe that the best designs are the result of a collaborative effort, and we strive to address design challenges by approaching them from a variety of perspectives.

To help visualize what the final transit centre might look like, ISL can offer our 3D Visualization services. Taking complex CADD drawings, 3D models of design features are used to create a simulated environment that reflects the real world. Stakeholders and the public can instantly understand how the new transit centre will fit into their community, encouraging buy-in for the final product.

The creation of attractive, pedestrian-friendly gathering spaces is the main goal of placemaking, turning hightraffic areas into not only places of arrival and departure but also destinations in their own right. ISL realizes the potential of placemaking at transit centre sites, using these spaces to define and express what makes the site or neighbourhood distinct through thoughtful design and stakeholder consultation. This leads to highly integrated and well thought-out transit centre site designs that anticipate stakeholder concerns, deliver quality results and enhance community engagement.

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