ISL is officially an EGBC Accredited Employer

ISL has been certified as an Accredited Employer by Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia.

Left to Right: Chad Parrell, P.Eng., Grant Ngieng, P.Eng., Erica Messam, P.Eng., Steve Verkaik, P.Eng., Kurtis Mayne, P.Eng.

EGBC works with employers to ensure Career Development programs and guidelines are in place to ensure EITs meet P.Eng. experience requirements. EGBC certified ISL in February 2023.

“This accreditation is great for our current EITs, providing them with the tools and guidance to become prime P.Eng. candidates, along with helping us continue to attract a new generation of engineers,” states Randy Heaps, ISL’s Chief Operating Officer. “Thank you to our senior BC Engineering staff for submitting the application and ensuring its success through your commitment to mentorship and growth.”

About the Program 

The Accredited Employer Program helps employers attract and retain high-calibre talent and streamlines the processing and evaluation of applicants seeking professional registration. Under the program, engineering companies that employ engineers-in-training (EITs) work with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia to offer work environments that ensure EITs are able to satisfy the experience requirements when applying for their professional engineer (P.Eng.) designation.



Through supplementing a vetted internal training program, ISL is better positioned to attract and retain high-quality talent while continuing to provide effective and efficient training to our current BC EIT employees. 

For ISL’s BC EITs, the process of becoming a P.Eng. is now streamlined, expediting their experience review and registration after 4 years of work experience. They receive enhanced guidance in gaining the necessary competencies for registration through ISL supervisors trained directly by EGBC.

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