ISL Engineering and Land Services Response to COVID-19


ISL’s Board of Directors and our internal Business Continuity Planning (BCP) team have been monitoring developments regarding COVID-19. We have taken measures to support public and staff safety, and to ensure that our business operations remain ongoing as we transition our staff to work remotely.

The Business Continuity Planning team is working across offices and disciplines to disseminate information, answer questions and ensure technology and workflows are in place to continue project work.

We are adhering to the recommendations of provincial health authorities, the Government of Canada and World Health Organization regarding proper hygiene, disinfection and self-isolation.

ISL’s Business Continuity Dashboard enables us to identify, update and track the status of all staff in real time, successfully supporting our entire team in their transition to being a home-based workforce. We will shortly have completed the transition, with only mission-critical staff remaining at our offices.

We will continue to maintain regular communication with staff and clients as information becomes available, utilizing email and Microsoft Teams for regular collaboration and communication.  

We remain open for business and are continuing to deliver on our project commitments to advance infrastructure projects at this critical time across Western Canada.  We are ready to work with our industry partners and the community to maintain this important economic priority in the months to come.