ISL’s Virtual Open House Tool

During the unique times of COVID-19, the health and safety of the public, our clients, and our staff are ISL’s top priority.  The ISL team is ready and able to provide our clients with online and virtual engagement alternatives to hosting in-person events that still meet the needs of our client’s project.

Public engagement is an essential component to the overall success of projects. Instead of cancelling or postponing in-person open house engagement sessions which could have a negative impact on schedules, budgets, and project support, the ISL Community Engagement and Marketing Team have developed a unique, flexible, and cost-effective option that adapts to these uncertain times. 

We know how to overcome the challenges in implementing virtual engagement by using thorough and comprehensive communication and story-telling. We can work with our clients to prepare project content and messaging that is not only informative but also sensitive of the concerns and issues that participants may be facing due to COVID-19.

ISL is prepared to help our clients develop and deliver the virtual alternatives listed below to adapt to the needs your project, and the needs of the community.


ISL has developed and programmed a Virtual Open House tool for our clients to share key information and gather stakeholder feedback!

The Virtual Open House tool provides participants with an interactive opportunity that simulates the experience of an in-person open house by using a 360-degree view of a meeting room or even a specific area of our project with links to display boards, informational banners, image galleries, videos, and links. The Virtual Open House can also be hosted on a standalone project website.


Familiar Project Setting

We can develop the Virtual Open House to be a 360 replica of a familiar project setting (e.g. Council Chambers).


Live Chat Feature

The Virtual Open House can be incorporated with a live chat feature on a specific schedule so members of the project team can talk to stakeholders through a live chat feature, mirroring participants’ experiences at an in-person open house, taking the virtual engagement experience to the next level.

Feedback Options

We can hyperlink to clients’ existing feedback platforms such as Bang The Table tools or Survey Monkey to gather feedback, or create a customized feedback tool such as an idea wall where participants can respond to questions and see what others are saying about the project.

Custom Colours and Icons

The Virtual Open House can be customized in many ways including adding custom icons and project colours ensuring it is consistent with your client’s brand guidelines.