2021 Coalspur GWM Program

Vista Coal Mine, AB, Canada

Project Details

Prime Consultant

Coalspur Mines Operations Ltd.

May 2021

December 2021



Project Description

Coalspur Mines (Operations) Ltd. is required to conduct groundwater monitoring and sampling activities throughout the year at the Vista Mine, in accordance with both their Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Water Act
approvals. The results of the monitoring and sampling are required to be sent to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) annually.

Since 2018, ISL has completed the annual groundwater monitoring reports for
submission to the AER. Beginning in 2021, ISL took over the field groundwater
monitoring and sampling activities, as well as continued with the reporting. ISL
ensured that all groundwater data was collected on time at the required
frequencies and in accordance with the latest AER procedures and approvals. We
reviewed data constantly throughout the year to allow for quick evaluations of
existing or emerging trends, and adaptations of the groundwater monitoring
program on a bimonthly basis, as needed.


• Required frequency of water level measurements made manual readings cost
• Depth of some monitoring wells made sampling them with traditional purging
techniques difficult and time-consuming.


• Pressure transducers were installed in the thirteen source and dewatering
wells that require weekly water levels to reduce costs.
• ISL engaged with the AER to determine if no-purge sampling methods would be
acceptable at the site. A comparative sampling program was undertaken and a
submission to the AER will be made for acceptance of no-purge sampling